There are seven major hiking areas in Hocking Hills State Park - All are one-way trail systems   Ash Cave, Old Man's Cave, Rock House, Conkle's Hollow, Cedar Falls, Cantwell Cliffs, and Hemlock Bridge Trail leading to Whispering Cave. Each of these park areas offers a unique experience for those who walk its paths no matter what season (the park is open year around from dawn to dusk). Located in the southern edge of Hocking County,

All trails are open dawn to dusk all year long. Hikers must remain on designated trails. There is no swimming or walking in the waterfalls or creeks. Dogs must remain on a leash at all times (no pets allowed in Conkle's Hollow, a nature preserve).

Ash Cave - Hocking Hills State Park - 27291 Ohio 56, South Bloomingville, OH 43152  | GPS Tracking: 39.395993,-82.545927

Ash Cave can be reached by walking a wheelchair accessible trail that leads hikers  through a beautiful gorge lined with stately hemlocks. Although the cave was named for the huge pile of ashes found by early settlers in the cave shelter, the source of the ashes is still a mystery. Towering hemlocks, a cascading waterfall, and a wide recess cave make Ash Cave one of Hocking Hills State Park's most popular hiking trails. The trail leading to the cave is asphalt and easily accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

The trail is approximately a 1/2 mile long. It is wheelchair and stroller accessible along a paved sidewalk ending in the large sandy region of the recess cave. It takes approximately a 1/2 hour to hike the trail. Pets are permitted on leash. The lower section is wheelchair/stroller accessible to the cave entrance.




Hocking Hills State Park Map


Click Map for Larger PDF - 1 Way Trail

Start at Parking Area. End at Parking Area.

Yellow: Bottom of Gorge (Yellow Blazes on Trees)

Red: Top of Gorge Rim Trail (Red Blazes on Trees)

Blue: Grandman Gatewood Trail (Blue Blazes on Trees)




Ash Cave - Hocking Hills State Park

Visitors to the park can learn about the uniqueness with Naturalist-led hikes and programs. Special Trail Naturalists also greet visitors to the parks on the trails and answer questions.

Ash Cave - Hocking Hills State Park

The trail is asphalt - stroller and wheelchair accessible. Sandstone cliffs line walkway.



Ash Cave - Hocking Hills State Park

Dogs are allowed on the trails. (Except for Conkle's Hollow as it is a nature preserve.) They must be in control and on a 6-foot leash.

Ash Cave - Hocking Hills State Park

Ash Cave in summer - It is open from dawn to dusk. Visitors must stay on the trails.


Ash Cave - Hocking Hills State Park

Ash Cave Waterfall.


Ash Cave - Hocking Hills State Park

Frontier Trail Hike in Ash Cave  - Hands-on interpreted history of the park and region.