So what does Winter Hike Look like?

55th Annual Winter Hike
January 18, 2020
Continuous starts from 9-11 AM
6 miles of rugged hiking in the coldest days of January. Enjoy winters splendor on this 6-mile trek from Old Man’s Cave to Ash Cave.  Layered clothing and good footwear recommended.  Refreshments are available at Cedar Falls for a donation.  A shuttle bus returns hikers to Old Man’s Cave.

Starting Times:  Hikers must be at the starting point between 9 am and 11 am which will be near the Visitor Center Parking Lot at Old Man's Cave on State Route 664.

Just a quick note. . . This is a very strenuous hike and not for those who do not hike frequently, or are out of shape.

Starting Point: Visitor Center Parking Lot at Old Man's Cave on State Route 664.


Assembled hikers will depart continuously between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Park officials will provide return transportation from Ash Cave to Old Man's Cave following the event.


Cost: The Event is FREE! Donations are encouraged for refreshments.

What to Wear: Bundle up. Stay Warm. Wear hat, coat, gloves,  long underwear and good hiking boots if it is cool. Invest in a pair of ice cleats.  (And don't buy a pair of boots the day before the hike. Wear them in a while or you'll have more blisters than you can count!) The weather can't be planned but hikers can get a good idea what to bring by watching the weather closely the day before the hike.

55 years ago, the first hikers came to Hocking Hills State Park to feast their eyes on Winter's touch on Old Man's Cave lead by Norv Hall, Park Naturalist. There were about 60 hikers at the first Winter Hiker. The record year was 2010 with over 5400 visitors. Lines formed with nearly an hour and a half wait to get though Old Man's Cave. Folks have overcome blizzards, sleet storms and bitter cold to come to the hike and the only time it was every officially cancelled was the Blizzard of 1978. Believe it or not, there were still 70 gutsy hikers that showed up that year. 1977 offered bitter temperatures of nearly 19 degrees below zero. Year after year since that first hike, hardy hikers have shunned frozen toes and three layers of clothing seeming to add four extra pounds to take the hike from Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls and then Ash Cave.

Hikers have slipped and slid along the trails and at some points, crawled to get up icy steps. Other years, coats were shed and replaced by gear more likely worn in spring. Staff and officers from nearly all of Ohio's State Parks are located throughout the 6 miles of trails to help guide your way and keep you safe. Please feel free to ask them questions and thank them for coming to the park to assist hikers in having a great day.

No one can ever fully describe the beauty of Hocking Hills and its wild scenery. You simply have to see if for yourself. However, the trails in winter are rugged and not for the out-of-shape. It is an awesome but long hike. Those with "bad knees" and other health issues that may put them at risk should probably plan on only taking part of the trail-either take Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls or Cedar Falls to Ash Cave and have a friend pick you up and/or drop you off at these points. Or just come to Ash Cave and walk the short trail to the waterfall just to be a part of the crowd. Old Man's Cave has steps that can be icy some years, bridges, tunnels and slender (sometimes muddy and slippery after 5000 or so hikers have traipsed across them in only a few hours) trails. There are also hills to trod over and rugged paths. And did we mention that it's cold?

Kid Friendly: This is a five-six mile hike, up and down hills with plenty of roots, rocks and bitter cold. It is breathtaking, relaxing, fun and nonstop. However, if your kids are the kind you have to lug around in a shopping cart when you are only five minutes into shopping at the nearest grocery store, this might not be the hike for them. Besides, most cell phones don't work at the bottom of Old Man's Cave and it would be tough to call someone to pick them up. This is also not for those who have had knee surgery or any kind of medical condition. Although the hike is not monitored, you must clear the six miles before the buses leave. If you are in poor health or do not exercise strenuously a few times a week, this hike is not for you!
Pet Friendly - There are more than a few people who bring their dogs with them on this hike. Plenty of warning though, there are lots of people walking in a long line. If your dog doesn't like people and is not used to the cold, keep them home. For those who have difficulty walking - Not recommended. Although the staff at the park clear the trails to their best ability, there are still logs to climb over and plenty of rocks, roots and hills that seem a mile high. This is certainly not recommended for dogs.
Old Man's Cave - Hocking Hills State Park GPS Tracking: 39.434668,-82.541571

Hocking Hills State Park is located on State Route 664 in Hocking County, about 12 miles southwest of Logan. For further information about the Annual Winter Hike, call the park office at (740) 385-6842.



Hikers can set their own pace on the winter hike. It is a rugged trail. Those who are not in good physical health and shape should not attempt this hike.

Hikers begin the trek from Upper Falls (near the Hocking Hills Visitor Center at Old Man's Cave). It will be approximately 3 miles to Cedar Falls where bean soup, cornbread and hot chocolate is provided by the Kiwanis of Logan. 

Trail to Old Man's Cave leads through a tunnel and through rocky ledges.


Hikers are greeted along the trail by both Ohio State Park Officers and Ohio State Park Naturalists. Halfway, Kiwanis have beans and cornbread. A bus picks up hikers at Ash Cave and takes them back to the Old Man's Cave parking lot.


Along the trail.