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Hocking Hills State  Park - Upper Falls

Hocking Hills Weddings

Hocking Hills State Park offers several areas for weddings. There is a minimal fee for weddings, a form to fill out, and rules and regulations to follow. These areas, also, will not be closed down for your wedding. Hikers will be passing through on the one-way trail system, and wedding entourage and guests will also have to follow the loop trail.


Ash Cave

Ash Cave weddings are popular near the waterfall.

27291 Ohio 56, South Bloomingville, OH 43152

GPS Tracking: (39.395993,-82.545927)

Ash Cave: A short stroller/wheelchair accessible asphalt walkway to Ash Cave. One of Ohio's most popular wedding spots. Park remains open during ceremonies. Romantic wedding place beneath the protective covering of Ash Cave and near a cascading waterfall.

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls is a popular site for vows, but the walk is long to the waterfall.

21724 Ohio 374 Scenic, Logan, OH 43138

GPS Tracking: (39.418265, -82.526295)

Cedar Falls: A beautiful waterfall wedding.




How to Apply for a Wedding Permit:

Who to contact about the wedding facilities: Park Office: (740) 385-6841 to ask for a wedding permit.

Request a Permit: At the park areas (including Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, and Old Man's Cave), you must request a wedding event permit in writing to:

Hocking Hills State Park 19852 State Route 664 S Logan, Ohio 43138

Write a letter to the park addressed to the park manager stating the time of the wedding, the date of the wedding, and the park area. You must have backup dates if there is another wedding already set or there are special events. Also, give a daytime phone number and address. Park staff will send out a permit if the site is available.

Things to note: You will have to hire your minister, clergy, or officiate.

The waterfall can be seasonal! If there is a drought in the area, streams running through the caves may be dry, and no waterfalls exist. In the spring, although rare, there could be flooding.

How much time is alotted for the wedding? Time is limited to 1/2 hour, including set up and tear down of wedding decorations. You cannot alter or leave anything behind (including rose petals, rice, birdseed). Floral arrangements have to be taken out after the wedding ceremony, and no decorations can be placed on the trees, rocks, or natural features. No one can stop the flow of hiking traffic going through the park, and wedding traffic must stay on the trail.

Old Man's Cave

Old Man's Cave has hosted many weddings.

State Route 664, Logan OH 43138

GPS Tracking: (39.437176, -82.539667)

Old Man's Cave - Upper and Lower Falls at Old Man's Cave-Guests have compared the natural wonder of Old Man's Cave to an enchanted place where fairies and elves could be hiding around every corner.




There are seven major hiking areas in Hocking Hills State Park - All are one-way trail systems.  

Ash CaveOld Man's CaveRock House, Conkle's HollowCedar FallsCantwell Cliffs, and Whispering Cave Trail. These park areas offer a unique experience for those who walk its paths no matter what season (the park is open year-round from dawn to dusk)—located on the southern edge of Hocking County. But those are just a handful. There are many hiking trails in the Hocking Hills include those at Wayne National Forest, Clear Creek Metro Parks, Lake Hope State Park, Vinton County Park District's Moonville Tunnel, and Hocking College's Robbins Crossing (with park programs) and the Athens Hock-Hocking Adena Rail Trail bikeway.