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Hocking Hills State  Park - Upper Falls

Wayne National Forest: Bullfrog Trail & Holler Collar TrailHocking Hills Hiking Trails - A Guide to the Hiking Trails of the Hocking Hills-The Book

Parking/Trailhead:  Athens Ranger District - Athens Area
Utah Ridge Pond Day Use Area
16104 Utah Ridge Road
Millield, OH 45761
(39.436061, -82.170193)
Wayne National Forest is located in the southeastern part of Ohio and offers over 300 miles of trails for hiking, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding, mountain biking, or horseback riding.

Bullfrog and Holler Collar trails are a part of Wayne National Forest and about 35 minutes (28 miles) from Old Man's Cave.These hike/mountain bike trails are two loop trails located at the Utah Ridge Pond Day Use Area within a short walking distance of each other. Both can be hiked within a couple of hours. Roads to trail areas are gravel. These trails are more remote and offer quiet from many of the busier areas. Road to trails is gravel. Hikers share the trail with mountain bikers.




Bullfrog Loop Wayne National Forest, Baileys Trail System: Utah Ridge Pond Day.

-Bullfrog Loop Wayne National Forest, Baileys Trail System: Utah Ridge Pond Day Use Area 1.3 miles (30 minutes to hike)

Parking Area for Bullfrog Loop Trail and Holler Collar Trail.

Parking Area for both Bullfrog Loop Trail and Holler Collar Trail

Holler Collar Trail.

-Holler Collar Trail Wayne National Forest, Baileys Trail System: Loop: 3.1 miles (1 -1.5 hours to hike)

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Trails in Wayne National Forest  

Wayne National Forest offers many types of trails and parts of its system spans 12 counties 

Part of the 7 trail systems within Ohio's Hocking Hills State Park


Home to Waterflowers and Waterfalls Hike and Christmas at Ash Cave.


There are seven major hiking areas in Hocking Hills State Park - All are one-way trail systems.  

Ash CaveOld Man's CaveRock House, Conkle's HollowCedar FallsCantwell Cliffs, and Whispering Cave Trail. These park areas offer a unique experience for those who walk its paths no matter what season (the park is open year-round from dawn to dusk)—located on the southern edge of Hocking County. But those are just a handful. There are many hiking trails in the Hocking Hills include those at Wayne National Forest, Clear Creek Metro Parks, Lake Hope State Park, Vinton County Park District's Moonville Tunnel, and Hocking College's Robbins Crossing (with park programs) and the Athens Hock-Hocking Adena Rail Trail bikeway.